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Learn how you can prepare for the forthcoming surge in UAV / Drone Pilot Jobs

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Job Opportunities Flying UAV Aircraft?

UAV Jobs. Yes, Really!

It might sound unbelievable, but the field of pilots needed to fly Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs) is going to be one of the dream jobs of tomorrow.


Drones are needed by many industries ranging from local law enforcement, government survey teams to commercial and residential real estate. Just this year, the Colorado floods in September caused quite a stir on ABC’s Good Morning America.


Local news teams used a UAV to film the flood waters and gave Americans watching at home a whole new perspective by letting them see a view of the flood damage as it was taking place.


UAV Jobs are coming, the driving factors being:

Police will need routine surveillance of neighborhoods

Commercial / residential real estate marketing

TV News Stations


Agriculture and farming

Public utility companies

Gas and oil pipeline companies

Hollywood films

Parks & Recreation

And more…

The FAA has placed certain restrictions on UAV drones being used by civilians that are arming the drones with video cameras. For the same reasons that homeowners can opt out and sue Google for violation of their privacy, many new laws are going to impact hobby-usage of aerial drone photography and video.

Currently, the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) permits hobbyists using drones to fly them only within line of site and under 400 feet – which is a little over the size of a football field.

The demand for UAV pilots and the benefits they deliver is causing some room for changes in the laws, and of course – the creation of new uav jobs to fuel the demand for UAV drone captured photos and video.


Turn Your Hobby or Military Experience into a Good Paying UAV Job

Right now, there are uav jobs you can apply for on the jobs boards from companies seeking experienced UAV pilots.  UAV’s are estimated to become a $50 billion industry. Analysts predict the UAV market will reach $51 billion by 2018 and $80 billion by 2020.


Active duty service members that were trained in UAV surveillance tactics and “sensor operators,” can transition into a good-paying career as most UAVs require a crew of two people: the (1) Pilot and the (2) sensor operator.

Constant communications with the sensor operator by monitoring current weather conditions, collision avoidance, power, communicating with other controllers and landing operations are mission-essential skills.



Learn What it Takes to Become Part of a $50 Billion Industry Now.

This e-book on Becoming a UAV Pilot is an in-depth resource to the exciting new fields opening up in the UAV space.  Agriculture and farming is a new one. Pilots are needed to help spray crops at many farms in America right now.

As the need for UAV vehicles expands, there will be an increase of uav jobs advertised for UAV pilots, sensor operators and mechanics, as these will be needed to keep them running and flying.


This book will show you:

  •  How you can step straight into this exciting new industry
  • The industries needing UAV pilots and sensor operators now
  • A COMPREHENSIVE WORLD WIDE LIST OF UAV SCHOOLS and Training Centers that are training UAV pilots, sensor operators and mechanics right now
  • If you need a pilot’s license & for which positions
  • If sensor operators need a license & where to get one
  • Apprentice-level openings and UAV Jobs that are offered right now

All of these topics and more are covered in this comprehensive e-book. Here is your chance to get in on the ground floor of a business that is set to explode with opportunity over the next few years. UAV Jobs, you bet!


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Learn how you can prepare for the forthcoming surge in UAV / Drone Pilot Jobs

Copyright © 2013 by Raymond Kinsela